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Your partnership with Sonshine Ministries, Inc. has made a significant difference in the lives of many. Here are but a few excerpts through the years of:

Encouraging Letters from Leaders

PLEASE NOTE: We've only listed/included the testimonials of those chaplains who have retired to insure that no active duty chaplain would "appear" to be endorsing our ministry over another.


“Your quality programs to my soldiers were dynamic, deeply God-centered and produced measurable results. Several hundred responded to your call to follow the Lord. Having personally observed your ministry, I strongly endorse Sonshine Ministries.”

Col. James C. Pack
US Army (Ret)


“Rev. Art Apgar and Tom Tomasello of S.M.I. recently spoke at our National Prayer Breakfast. They are absolutely the most dynamic team to present a Prayer Breakfast that I have ever heard. Art's faith and conviction were clearly evident in his fervent call to prayer. He obviously walks his talk in life, and it is exciting to see and hear a man who strongly affirms his faith. His warm personality lit up the room as he spoke and positively affected everyone attending.”

Lieutenant General
David J. McCloud

USAF (Ret)


“It is my privilege to recommend Art Apgar and his team from Sonshine Ministries, Inc., as outstanding witnesses for the Lord Jesus Christ. Art is an extremely gifted singer, musician, and preacher. I have known Mr. Apgar and his pianist, Thomas Tomasello, for over 12 years. Their spirit is contagious and their musical abilities are of the highest caliber. They are 'not ashamed of the Gospel' and proclaim it boldly.”

Chief of Chaplains
Major General
"Charlie" Baldwin

USAF (Ret)


“Art, Thank you so much for your encouraging message, your prayers for my family and me and for your great support of our troops. I am grateful for your faithful prayers for our soldiers and families and our Unit Ministry Teams.”

Chief of Chaplains
Major General
David H. Hicks

US Army (Ret)


“Please accept the sincere appreciation of the Washington Navy Yard for leading us in the worship of Almighty God. The Gospel of Christ was proclaimed, the Spirit was present and the congregation was uplifted. The former Chief of Chaplains, Rear Admiral A. Koeneman, was spiritually touched by your witness and music.”

CAPT W.L. Perry

US Navy (Ret)


“I appreciate you and Sonshine Ministries, Inc. coming here to Korea to meet the real needs of my soldiers. You strengthened the spiritual and moral fitness of nearly 200 soldiers in my battalion. Your selfless dedication and professionalism in serving your fellow Americans is remarkable.”

Col. William Tetu
US Army (Ret)


“On behalf of the U.S. European Command Joint Analysis Center, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your ministry team for the fine support to this years National Prayer Luncheon, held at RAF Alconbury, United Kingdom. In particular, Reverend Art Apgar’s anecdotal words and inspiring music made the event especially memorable.”

Col. Philip C. Marcum
US Army (Ret)


“Art, thank you for the superb job you and your team did for us at RAF Mildenhall. The seeds you planted for Christ will bear fruit for years to come. I was spiritually encouraged by the response to your invitation at the close of the evening and we have already begun to see evidence of your ministry in many of our young people.”

Col. Lee Thompson

USAF (Ret)


“Art is a gifted speaker with a positive message that touched many. People were literally standing in line after the program to speak with him one-on-one. Thanks again from all the Gunfighters for the inspiring message!”

Major General
William A. Peck, Jr.

USAF Commander (Ret)


“I've known Art and his ministry for over 10 years. I had him minister to our troops in Korea, at Fort Campbell and here at Fort Carson. He mixes Scripture, preaching and contemporary music into a great presentation of the Gospel. The musicians who accompany him are first class, especially Tommy, the pianist. We paid a lot more for Petra, but I think Art's approach in reaching out to soldiers is more effective.”

Col. Herbert E. Kitchens

US Army (Ret)


“It was a blessing to find a touring group which has a combination of musical and spiritual gifts that compliment each other. So it is with Sonshine Ministry, Inc. They challenge the congregation to salvation, service and concurrently glorify God.

God is using this group in a dynamic way. They possess a variety of communication talents and unique experiences in life which are coupled with the wisdom and spiritual discernment to minister to the military community in a refreshing and caring manner. They transcend the traditional worship service and bring all age groups into a time of celebration, praise and worship.

It would be spiritually rewarding to your chapel, religious organization and community to schedule the Sonshine Ministry for a spirit-filled time of Christian fellowship and joy in the Lord. I wholeheartedly recommend this group!”

"Special Forces" Chaplain
Col. Billy W. Fowler

US Army (Ret)


“Dear Mr. Apgar,  I take great pleasure in expressing my appreciation for your outstanding message to our people during the National Prayer Breakfast.  We have heard comments such as "...the best Prayer Breakfast speaker I have heard in 24 years."

You and Thomas Tomasello make a great team.  You both were inspirational and encouraging to all who heard you.   Your quality of music presented at our concert was excellent, and certainly, met the needs of all who attended. 

I strongly recommend the ministry of Art and Thomas to anyone who desires a top-quality program of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to inspire, encourage and challenge people to make a commitment.”

Lt Col. Shelby B. Taylor

USAF (Ret)


“Dear Art: This letter comes to you with our deepest appreciation for the work that you do in spreading God's Word throughout the world. We know that God is blessing your work because you have a sincere desire to make a difference in the lives of people who need to know Jesus as Lord and Savior. Your work with our military community has added so much to the ministry of our chapels across the years. We can never repay you for the blessing you have been to us.”

Col. Gary R. Perry

USAF (Ret)


“Dear Rev. Apgar, On behalf of the Marines, Sailors, and families of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, I want to thank you, and your associates, Tom, Jeannine, Carol and Dodger, for coming to minister to us. You brought with you such a strong sense of the presence of Christ. Your coming was a blessing for the military personnel and their families that you touched through your ministry this weekend.

At the Base Brig on Saturday afternoon, and the Sunday morning Protestant worship service at our main chapel, you clearly, lovingly, and powerfully presented the message of Christ and the salvation He offers all. Seeing the number who responded to your challenge to salvation and rededication was such a delight and joy.

Thank you for advancing the cause of Christ here in Southern California among "America's 911 Force".”

Chaplains Corps
CAPT Charles J. Burt

US Navy (Ret)


“Dear Rev. Art Apgar, Sonshine Ministries support of our regional ministries here is Central and Northern California has been invaluable. This year's standing room only Prayer Breakfast with over 300 persons in attendance was highly inspiring. The VJ Day Luncheon and XUSS Hornet Service were awesome with over 3,500 persons participating.

The Fleet Week Services you helped us with on the XUSS Hornet were equally remarkable. Everything your ministry has done for us has been high impact!

On behalf or all of our people here in the San Francisco Bay Area, Rear Admiral Ernest Tedeschi, Rear Admiral Bill Center and myself, Thank You!

May God continue to richly bless your ministry to our nation's military personnel.”

Chaplains Corps

US Navy (Ret)


“It is my honor and pleasure to recommend the Sonshine Ministries, Inc. to my co-workers in all branches of the Armed Forces. For two days, this team lifted the spirits of the chapel community and fed them the Word of God in such a powerful way that several people felt led to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.

I furthermore recommend them because they have a heart for military men and women and understand the nature of the military community. They have traveled extensively visiting and performing at military installations around the world.

Without hesitation, I encourage the use of this fine, well blended group as you plan out your church year programs.”

Lt Col. Travis C. Robinson

USAF (Ret)


“Dear Art and Tom: My dear brethren, how grateful I am that Sonshine Ministries sponsored you to Korea the April past. You kept busy. 13 programs in the eight days here that weren't travel days for you. Hundreds and hundreds of soldiers and some of their family members were richly blessed by your programs.

I counseled with one soldier yesterday whose life was able to choose God's best during the pain of his wife's decision to divorce him, because of the marvelous concert at the Division Memorial Chapel you gave. He needed you here at precisely the moment you were here! Praise God!

I eagerly look forward to the next opportunity to be together with you as God directs it. May God richly bless you and the work of Sonshine Ministries as you serve Christ Jesus.”

Maj. Rick D. Mathis

US Army (Ret)


“To the friends of Art Apgar: The ministry of Reverend Art Apgar has been widely appreciated by our Navy men and women. There are times when the work of a chaplain needs a special witness. Art has been just that. We have ministered together in two widely diverse settings.

At the Washington Naval Yard in the chapel where our top Navy leaders worship, Art was always appreciated and well received. He had a spiritual influence on our decision makers through the quality of his music that only God can accurately measure.

In my current assignment in Norfolk, Virginia, the ministry is to young transient sailors, many of whom have no religious background. After Art shared at an outdoor concert and a Sunday morning worship service, we were delighted to note an increase in worship attendance by sailors who had been attracted to the concert. Most of them were searching for stability and sobriety at our nearby Alcohol Rehabilitation Center.

Art's ministry is versatile, appealing to all ranks, races and stations. He exemplified Christian outreach at its best. If he's present at the testimonial where this is read, let me say, "Thanks Brother! Your ministry has been a great blessing to our work." ”

CAPT I. C. Starling, Jr.

Chaplain Corps
US Navy (Ret)


“In the "UPDATE" the Official Publication For The USAF Chaplain Service, (AFRP 265-1; Vol. 41, No.2 March/April 1990; page #2 paragraph 3), was an article titled "Music Resource for Worship and Evangelism." The article reads, "Sonshine Ministries, featuring the music ministry of Art Apgar, offers the chaplain's program a first-rate resource in the areas of worship and evangelism. Art has performed at military installations both CONUS and overseas, and offers concerts, revivals, bible studies and retreat ministries. An excellent resource for either the congregation or for youth or airman ministries. Contact Sonshine Ministries, P.O. Box 95, Campbell, CA 95009." This article was approved by the office of Chaplain, Major General JOHN P. McDONOUGH, USAF Chief of Chaplains in 1990.”

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